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New phone gets launched, reviewers talk about it, people buy it, it’s used for some months, and then another new phone is launched, and the process keeps on repeating. The thing about smartphones, or technology in general, is that tech is never the ‘newest’, or the ‘best’. It always keeps on improving with time, and it keeps getting better. The problem with it is that relatively older tech gets abandoned very fast. That goes for our daily-use gizmos as well, including smartphones and tablet PCs. It looks like smartphones, particularly, fail to catch up with the newer, better and improved tech. But, what if we told you, they don’t? What if we told you that your three-year-old smartphone can run as smooth as the current flagships? What if you were told that you can hugely improve the quality of photos your phone captures? What if we told you that a five-year-old phone runs the latest version of Android™? That’d be awesome, right? Well, turns out, it is.

All thanks to the aftermarket software development community, we can get the most out of our smartphones. We can have a much better experience with the gadgets we spent so much of our time on. ROMs, tweaks, modifications, ported apps and much more stuff to help make our phones run better, and customroms.net only unifies all of these resources at one easy-to-find place. Accept it, the internet is a very crowded place, with links thrown here and there, and every other tech blog trying to cover just about any topic. It is a mess. We gotta be honest, we love experimenting with our phones, but finding the right thing for phones hasn’t been easy. Sometimes, we flash a mod, and the phone gets bricked. Sometimes, we install an app and it straightaway refuses to start. Sometimes we flash a ROM that literally has more issues than the number of issues we have with our lives. It’s sad. But what can we do, right?


We decided to collect and bring all these resources under one roof, which is this site. We have one specific little field to cover, i.e., Android aftermarket software development, and nothing else. The site is much more than just Custom ROMs. We cover device specific ROM development, ROM reviews, mods and ports, gapps, guides and much more. We accumulate easy to understand, to the point, and trustworthy content, so that you don’t have to look hard for it. And so, this website was started as a bedroom project, with one sole aim- to unify all aftermarket software development stuff.

Oh, and don’t get confused, there’s no ‘we’ behind this site, it’s a one-man project, but I’ll use the words ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ in most of the places throughout this website, because I refer to the entire development community, and not just me. Developers, testers, graphic designers, coders, & users, just about everyone is included.

That’s a little something about the site. See you in some other post!