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Dear Developers,

You’re some of those awesome humans who work their asses off to make our smartphone experience better. Thank you so much. You are not like most of us, who just keep complaining about something or the other. You find causes, you solve problems, you arrange workarounds, you improve things, you do a lot of awesome stuff, and we thank you for everything.

We understand that being an independent developer is tough, especially in today’s extra-saturated aftermarket development community, where big brands try to either rope in, or over-shadow indie developers. That is why we present to you: the customroms Recognized Developer Project. Drum-rolls, anyone?

Okay, sounds cool, right? Let us elaborate. Under this initiative, we’ll make you a dedicated page on our website, with all your works listed and sorted, for no charge. Here is everything we plan on doing with your page:

  • personalized page URL, e.g., customroms.net/dev/yourpersonalizedurl
  • personalized bio, social links, and graphics
  • abandoned, ongoing and upcoming projects

That’s all we’ve thought of doing, as of now. More plans (like making an independent website for your project, hosting your projects on our own servers) are in the pipeline too. You can also give your inputs to make it even better.

How’ll this benefit you? Well, you get a lot of exposure, as we’ll link your profile page to every post/page that has a mention of your work. Secondly, it would be easier for visitors to track your work and updates. Third, you can just push this URL to someone who asks “So, tell me, what do you do?” Believe us, there’s a certain feel-good factor when you know you have a dedicated section for you and your works! All the perks listed on this page are and will be a hundred percent free, and wouldn’t involve any monetary transactions. Take this as a free gift of appreciation for the priceless magic you do!

So, how do you get your page? Simple, just reach out to us via the website’s contact form or our social media channels. Let’s have a chat!

Thank you again, you awesome people!